Ever so WAGs Maria Fowler Escort Lady

Mary Fowler, the star of the television series The Only Way is Essex, which was more popular because of mutually football player boyfriend. Interestingly, he was never a friend to sleep aka escort lady male class philanderer. Charge per hour? No less than 600 pounds, aka Rp 8 million.

This glamorous model agency Carltons became escorts in London since 2009. He left the agency last year. By using the name Kelly, aged 25 This sexy model has crossed the globe because of the rich man-booking ranging from lawyers, bankers, Middle Eastern royalty. They do not hesitate to give expensive gifts on service Fowler.

In a profile on the agency's website, he was promoted, "If you want a perfect figure, smooth body, young and energetic, exciting, Kelly is a beautiful young woman."

Fowler has appeared on Page 3 tabloid the Sun. He had been dating the England star Aaron Lennon. Finally, Fowler caught in the taxi with Norwich City player Lee Croft. They were seen holding hands while leaving the Sugar Hut nightclub. In fact, he was still in a relationship with Mick Norcross, who never appeared in the television series.
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